Lt. Col. Staviarsky & Donald Pafko

By Donald Pafko, Honorary Slovak Consul

On Thursday evening, April 21st, 2011 the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis hosted a cocktail hour and dinner for the international officers attending the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Military officers from 47 different countries and senior leadership from the University attended this gala event and the Minnesota Consular Corp was invited. Attendees of the National Defense University travel throughout the United States during their course work with the University.

My wife and I were honored to be seated with Lt. Col. Slavomir Staviarsky, of the General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces. Lt. Col. Staviarsky was very pleased to find that there was a Slovak connection here in Minnesota, and indicated he would be very happy to have future involvement with Minnesota Slovaks as well as with my functions as Honorary Slovak Consul. Members of the Minnesota Consular Corp were paired with military personnel from the countries they each represent, and were able to establish a relationship with these military officers and to make plans for future similar events. Seated also at our assigned tables were military officers from Japan and Columbia. All told, there were 88 attendees, military and consular corp.

A sincere thanks goes out to the Museum of Russian Art, and to Mr. Alain Frecon for hosting this event.