Václav Havel honored by US House of Representatives

The US House of Representatives

passed resolution H.R. 506,honoring the life and legacy of former Czech President Václav Havel. According to the resolution, a bust of President Havel will be displayed in the House wing of the US Capitol.

The resolution was authored by Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee.
The Embassy would like to thank the American Friends of the Czech Republic, McGuireWoods LLP and the Václav Havel Library Foundation for their efforts in support of the resolution.


On March 11, 2014, Chairman Royce said:

As a playwright, Václav Havel revealed the absurdity of communist ideology and discredited the oppressive communist Czechoslovak regime.  Following the brutal Soviet suppression of the 1968 Prague Spring, a movement for greater political liberalization, Havel was banned from the theater in an attempt to silence him. 


“But the communists greatly underestimated his passion for freedom.  Instead of succumbing to their intimidation, Václav Havel increased his political activity.  Havel played a central role in drafting the now famous Charter 77 Manifesto, and was a founding member of the dissident organization based upon those principles.  In 1979, he founded the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted. 


“These and other opposition efforts earned him multiple stays in prison as a so-called ‘guest’ of the communist authorities.  But Havel and the cause of freedom prevailed.”

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