Shifting Landscape in Central Europe.

Readers may be familiar with the essays produced by Josef Mestenhauser and archived on these pages. These articles, accounting to 52, have now been combined, and published in three formats: book, CD and electronic version. Christy Banks re-edited these essays masterfully, and Patricia Bergh provided the photos. Consequently these essays have been pulled out from the web site, but subsequent articles beginning with July 2013, will remain in the archives. Interested public may now own these essays in an attractive format worth adding to ones library.

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About the Book & its Author

Dr. Mestenhauser

Josef Mestenhauser, who is better known for his career in international education has authored another book, this time about his roots in the former Czechoslovakia. He puts his Czechness together with his American identity in Shifting Landscape in Central Europe to which he adds several perspectives and concepts from international and cross-cultural relations. The book is a collection of 52 brief essays that he started writing each month since 2007 for local Czech and Slovak publications.

Each essay can be read independently but together they form a unified whole about a country caught in international intrigues, occupations, totalitarianism, liberation, and strive to regain its place among the Western democracies based on Havel’s concept of civil society.

The book is not intended as a research paper, but topics are carefully researched for factual accuracy, and are interspersed with his own recollections that he experienced beginning with the Munich agreement that split the country, with the Nazi occupation, and with subsequent liberation. He also accounts of his role in the political life as student leader against the rising influence and power of the Stalinist communist party facilitated in part by the lethargy of the Western powers.

Mr. Mestenhauser returned after some 45 years as Fulbright Professor and continued to wonder what caused the communists to take over power so easily, how people and institutions have adjusted to the totalitarianism, and what the impact was on the cognitive resources of people. After he was appointed the Czech Honorary Consul in the Upper Midwest he traveled often to study conditions of development, recovery and re-entry into the global arena.

The book is not just for Czech and Slovak ethnics, but for others interested in Central and Eastern Europe, its accession to NATO and the European Union, and its relationships with the US. General public may find this book interesting because it provides important insights about development, transfer of knowledge and dynamics of a monumental transformation from totalitarianism to democracy.

These insights may be useful for people visiting the Czech and Slovak Republics, for business people interested in doing business with Czech and Slovak partners, for students studying in any of the countries of Central Europe, or for professionals dealing with the students and scholars from these countries visiting the US. While he finds much to be critical in the Czech Republic, he also abhors the lack of knowledge and understanding of this part of the world in this country.

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