We support the following folk dance groups.

Lipa Slovak Folk Dancers



Lipa Slovak Folk Dancers perform traditional dances of western, central, and eastern Slovakia. Authentic folk dress and music compliment each performance. Experienced instructors who have trained in Slovakia have guided the group in its dance and customary clothing so that audiences are presented with a truly enjoyable and accurate representation of the culture one would find in the Slovak Republic. Lipa Slovak Folk Dancers have performed at special events and cultural expositions all around Minnesota. The circle and couple dances are punctuated by stomps, whistles, and twirls that delight all ages.

Contact Information:

Director: Mr. Donald Pafko

Phone: (952) 831-1440

Fax: (952) 831-4702

Email: lipadancers@aol.com


St. Paul Czech and Slovak Folk Dancers




Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota’s Tanecní Mladez Dancers


youth-dancersThis Czech and Slovak children’s folk dance group was organized in January of 1990 with 12 members. The children range from 4 years old to 8th grade. Our highlighted annual performance is at the Festival of Nations in May. We dance at many other community events during the year, including Czech and Slovak Day in the fall, and SOKOL Sibrinky dance in the winter.

Taneční Teens
Our teen dancers keep the dances live in those years between childhood and adulthood. Our teens not only know all the children’s dances, but they also perform some of the adult dances with our adult dance group, too!

Kroj (Folkdress)
We wear authentic costumes that are representative of many areas of the Czech or Slovak Republics. Kroje are provided for our dancers.

Dance is taught by Louise Wessinger. Louise, formerly an elementary school teacher, currently teaches aerobics, is a long-time SOKOL member, and performs with the adult St. Paul Czech and Slovak Folkdancers (www.tancuj.org)

Practice is usually held on two Saturday mornings each month at the Historic CSPS (SOKOL) Hall in St. Paul. To accommodate performances, some practice times and dates may vary.

Membership Information
Annual activity fee per child = $25.00. Free for members or relatives of SOKOL members. Annual membership to SOKOL Minnesota is $30.00 per individual, or $55.00 per couple. Please include a one-time $5.00 registration fee. Contact Norman Petrik at (612) 822-6147.

To join one of our groups or arrange for a performance contact:
Louise Wessinger
3704 Denmark Ave.
Eagan, MN 55123
(651) 452-6240