Happy New Year from the Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota (CSCC)!

Happy New Year from the Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota (CSCC)!

On behalf of the Board of the Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota (CSCC), I would like to wish everyone a peaceful, happy and a successful New Year.

The Czech and Slovak Republics have witnessed many important and interesting events this past year, including taking in a wave of refugees fleeting the unfortunate destinies of their home countries while refusing imposed quotas, having become some of the fastest-growing economies in the EU, or becoming No. 1 and 2 in the World Junior Hockey Championship.  In the CSCC, we strive to bring current events that take place in the Czech and Slovak Republics to our members and friends in Minnesota and in the US via the CSCC website, our lecture series and other events (http://cs-center.org/). The purpose of each event is to provide context for current as well as historical events to relate them to our lives in MN and the US at this time.  For example, this past year one of the events sponsored by the CSCC was a lecture by Dr. Anna Matuska Can We Say That? Campaign Management in Czech Republic and Slovakia Skyped in from Czech Republic.

In 2015, one of the biggest loses to the Czech and Slovak communities not only in MN, but in many parts of the world, was the passing of Dr. Josef Mestenhauser, one of the founders of CSCC, a great scholar, and an invaluable mentor and friend to so many of us.

In 2015, CSCC co-sponsored the inauguration of a new Honorary Council for the Czech Republic, Ms. Marit Lee Kucera, at an event at the C.S.P.S Hall attended by Mr. Zajíček, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., and Dr. Bořek Lizec, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Chicago, along with many other dignitaries, supporters, and friends of the Czech and Slovak Republics.

CSCC annual programming includes cultural activities, such as concerts, literary events and participation in Czech/Slovak and European festivals.  The CSCC co-sponsored a concert by Druhá Tráva, a popular and accomplished Czech bluegrass band.  As part of Literary Ventures, a CSCC book discussion group focused on Czech and Slovak literature, read among others War with the Newts by Karel Čapek.  In addition, the CSCC co-sponsored and introduced two films at the Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival and organized an exciting evening of Central and Easter European wine and history.

The CSCC is a dynamic organization with a mission to provide relevant experiences and resources to everyone interested in the Czech, Slovak and European heritage in the areas of education, culture, history, political awareness, business and social networking, and always welcomes new members.

We have a wonderful program planned for the upcoming year, including a series of lectures and discussion on bilingual and multilingual education and culture in MN co-organized with the Czech & Slovak School of the Twin Cities as well as a lecture on the history of Radio Free Europe.  Literary Ventures will read and discuss, among others, a new book by Michael Žantovský Havel: A Life.

Your presence makes the work of CSCC meaningful.  A special thank you to those who have already become CSCC members.  Your membership contributions provide CSCC with the necessary resources to carry our vision forward.  Please join the CSCC by following this link: http://cs-center.org/membership/.

We look forward to meeting you, seeing you again and working with you in 2016 to keep the Czech and Slovak cultures alive!

Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year!

From the CSCC Board of Directors,

Warm regards,

Dr. Renáta Tichá, President

Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota